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Originally Posted by BreakPoint View Post
If you really did that it would be the WORST racquet ever conceived because EVERY new technology that has been put into tennis racquets over the past 30 years have made the racquets WORSE. So if you put ALL of these useless technologies into ONE racquet, it would be so BAD that it would be UNPLAYABLE.

The 30 year old racquets (e.g., PS 85, POG, PC600 & Donnay Pro One, etc.) are still better than anything that has come out since.
We moved house last year and a lot of boxes went up into the loft (attic, for my American friends). As we're having some new insulation fitted this week I've had to clear the loft out. Joy upon joys when I found the only remaining PS 95 Original I had left!! I did have about 7/8 but over the years they've become cracked or scraped beyond repair. I remember breaking a string and putting it in an old Fischer racquet bag to protect it in the house move. My little face when I found it at the weekend! I'll get it re-strung then it can replace the Bab Pure Storms as my 'GoTo' stick! Wonder if I'll find my old 200g somewehere . . .
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