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Originally Posted by Sky_Boy View Post
1) What twisted logic?
2) "I'm playing 3.5 and these guys are definitely not better than me, or hitting harder than me...or whatever", is not an argument, it is just an idiotic statement from delusional 3.0's (at best). "4.0's in my area would absolutely destroy this guy" is not proof either. Come up with something better, and I'd be happy to be proven "wrong".

I didn't even mention about this once in my posts.. r u kidding me really? And beside that is the judgement those posters made.. they r definately entitled to their opinions..have u seen 4.0s in their area? No? well they have, and to them that is the judegement.....PROOF? sure if u going to sponsor flying their 4.0s 3000 miles down to play, U ARE GOING TO GET ALL THE PROOF U WANT..

The whole issue is about NTRP rating something that is pretty subjective.. not everyone is going to agree on the exact same rating that is for certain.. the main thing that i brought up is with his playing style his limiting his ability to improve

You reacted badly and very agressive from posters that do not agree with your so called flawless ratings.. i going make the assumption that it's either your character or your **** at your life.. if it's the former , then goodluck having no-little friends.. if it's the latter, maybe u would want to get that in order first before making yourself sound stupid on a forum
Amigo, I didn't address just your remarks in that post, I addressed some other statements made by other people as well. If you read the thread you might even figure out who made those statements. I just couldn't be bothered to quote everybody and address every inane statement made in this thread individually.
The twisted logic remark was referring to your off topic assumptions about their potential for progress, when you didn't even provide proof (video?) for your ON TOPIC statements...i.e. their current rating.
Instead of debating endlessly ... come up with video of 4.0's and 4.5's and tell me why you think those 4.0's and 4.5's are clearly better than the guys in the op.
I did that. I provided video of 4.0's and said I think they would get beaten by both guys in the op, and also provided video of 4.5 play and said my opinion is that the guy in dark from the OP is every bit as good as those 4.5's, hence he would be competitive with them, hence he is a 4.5, and provided the reasoning behind my statements.
Goober at least addressed that even if he disagreed with my assumptions (which is fine). You on the other hand just keep on talking without backing up your talk.
Pretty please with sugar on top, can you kindly debate that instead of making assumptions about my life...and the availability of friends around me ??
Your off-topic blabbering is getting worse with these statements you are making about me.
I may have sounded as an ego driven brat...who values his opinion about some irrelevant NTRP ratings on an internet forum more than he should...but if somebody "sounded stupid" between the two of is not me. Perhaps you should review your posts in this thread...and then review mine, even you might change your opinion about who sounds or you.
If you can't handle that level of critical thinking...get some outside help, or go back to school until you manage to "improve the rating" of your current self ).
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