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Originally Posted by Mick3391 View Post
Tennis is a track sport and ironically 100% mental.

Physically he should work up to 5 miles jog without problems, and short sprints.

Mentally it's tough, I don't have the answer even though I've dwelled on it for along time, I don't think there is an answer except for how much desire the player has, and if they don't have it they are "Not as good".

My son's tennis team is a prime example. When they practice and are relaxed, they play fine, but in games (I've been to them all), they play so differently, they simply try to get the ball in, even if it means feeding it to the opposing players forehand.

On a Wednesday I was practicing deep baseline play with my son, I was slamming it long, and he was slamming it back, over and over, I couldn't believe it, then he'd drop it on me. Next day he played like a little kid, no real shot placement, just tried to get it over as he plays doubles and is in front of spectators.

This one kid is a foot taller than my son, he was horrible, I mean our whole team lost EVERY MATCH, yet afterwords he was killing it 16 times in a row barely above the net on the wall, this only shows that it is mental.

So, your friend needs, I mean in the last 6 months I had two ruptured plantaris muscles, my back, my elbow swelled to where the fat literally came out, and now I have tennis elbow, so being pysically fit is paramount, next thing is mental.

Fed makes his shots FROM HIS MIND, that includes either not being nervous, or using nervousness as your ally.
I also agree with you. I've seen him play matches and he's having trouble hitting shots he'd usually do with his eyes closed. How does one develop their mentality effectively?
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