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Originally Posted by Will Wilson View Post
... I tend to prefer a crisper feel...
Kind of rules out Forten Sweet.

OP the amount of spin you're going to get from a synthetic is limited. Truth be told, if you have the technique, you'll generate respectable spin with pretty much any synthetic. For what you're looking for Gosen is definitely a good option. Klip Scorcher has a very crisp feel as does Alpha MXT, but they're both out of your price range by the set, and you can't get MXT in a reel.

Technifibre Syn gut is said to have a crisp feel to it, but how crisp it is compared to Gosen I can't say. I have a reel of it coming in on Thurs. I was curious how it stacked up against Gosen, so I ordered a reel since it was cheap. I'll let ya know if you haven't made a decision by then.
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