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Originally Posted by Ronaldo View Post
Suggest skipping every other main and cross in the sweetspot where most balls are struck. The trampoline effect and uneven response has to be incredible. Maybe poly alleviates the problems. Anyone with a stringer should try it.
Actually you want to reduce the trampoline effect.

The trampoline effect is what causes a loss of control but gives power.

By reducing the number of cross strings you have less trampoline effect and more spin and control.

Think of it this way.....if you had only mains and no crosses you would have great spin but little trampoline effect.

The spaghetti racquets had enormous spin but no power. By reducing the crosses Wilson has created less power /trampoline and more spin through the mains moving. Power comes from the crosses and spin comes from the mains.

Less power with more spin will allow you to swing harder and still control the ball. Without the trampoline effect you can swing hard....racket head spead is another factor in spin.
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