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Can't say anything just yet on their new frames, but I received a shiny new 7G last night. I, too, have a mild bout of TE and am hoping the 7G can help. Everything I've read (which is a lot) says it will, plus people just seem to like it as a racquet regardless of TE. It has a good, solid feel with a nice bit of heft, so I'm pretty excited.

In the meantime, though, in trying to find anything to help my arm, I started using the first racquet I ever bought--a Pro Kennex Silver Ace 110. It is really heavy, but incredibly awesome to hit with. So much so that if the 7G doesn't work out, the Ace will become my main stick, and I'll try to source another. I think it's been said many times, but PK makes good stuff, just nobody knows about it. Added benefit of the 7G (and SA for that matter) is a little exclusivity at my local club. I'll report back after playing later today.

Two random, interesting facts: my racquet timeline spans 22 years and begins and ends with PK; this is my first post.
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