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Originally Posted by Federerkblade View Post

Are you ready to post your thoughts
Hmm, not really ready for a full review because the tension on the strings was too tight.. Asked for RPM Blast @ 51 lbs, but it felt like 151 lbs

But compared with the APDGT, this version feels a tad stiffer, no doubt. The somewhat plastic/hollow feel of the APDGt is no longer present and the frame feels more solid.

You can say its EXACTLY the same difference in feel between the APDGT and APD 2013 as it is between PDGT (blue) and PD 2012 (black)

I will string it up in around 45 lbs and give it a go again soon.

I dont see any difference in the frame itself though. Same stringpattern and same mold as the APDGT. There is one slight difference though, but im not sure it really os so because i have no longer APDGt at home, but it feels like the grip is a tad more rectangular in the shape then previous versions.
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