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Originally Posted by HunterST View Post
A forehand with a continuous loop gives you a lot more topspin. By continuous loop, I mean the take back is a loop, and it flows right into the stroke, almost like the arm is making a circle. This is a pretty commonly given piece of advice.

So, the two pieces of advice seem kind of conflicting. How can you be coiled with the racket back as early as possible AND make the loop continuous. You have to wait for the ball to be close enough to make the loop.

Can anyone shed light on this?
I'm not a teaching pro, but my coach is very good.
I think you can do both. With the early preparation you can slow things down once you've finished the take back. Then gradually increase the pace of your swing once you've started the forward swing.
With an early preparation you go slow motion in the early forward swing.

That's how I do anyway.
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