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Originally Posted by mr33 View Post
Hi All,

Soon I will be investing in a stringer and have recently been browsing through Golden Set Tennis strings. If you have tried either Snake Bite, Power Cord or Velvet I have a few questions for you:

1. Would you recommend them?
2. Whats the difference in feel between Power Cord and Velvet?
3. How does Snake Bite compare to against other spin generating strings?

1. Yes. Difference between them and Brand Name Equivalents are very similar. But you save a good chunk of money.
2. Want to try Power Cord, I heard it's similar to Black Code.
Velvet is a good co-poly. Tried it in 17g, soft, medium power and has good spin. Kept tension relatively well. But if you are a string breaker, may not be a good option. Durability is pretty much on par with other copoly's.
3. Snake Bite: Suppose to compare to RPM but I haven't tried yet.

I've been using Maximal's and alittle bit of Velvet. Maximals is really soft on the arms.
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