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You would think so but over the last three years in districts, and sectionals there has only been 1 ref that called foot faults. I find it disgraceful when a referee watches a dude foot fault by 6 to 8 inches, give the guy a warning and allow him to do that same thing for the rest of the day without a single penalty. It was almost like they were afraid of confrontation.
I was at a WTT tournament recently playing a guy when the official called a foot fault on his 2nd serve. The official intended it as a warning thinking it was a 1st serve, but it cost the guy a point instead. Later in the match he called a couple more on the guy too.

Another time at USTA states, a couple of us asked a nearby official to monitor a player who was obviously footfaulting. The official went on to call a couple of foot faults on the adjacent court but never on the court we asked him to monitor.
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