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Originally Posted by mrsandoo View Post
I just played in my first open tournament. I am a solid 4.5 player, so I went in with low expectations. I've heard of the quality of the game at open tournaments.

I ended up losing in the first round 4, 3, but I found it to be a satisfying loss regardless because I knew he played at a much higher level in the past.

One of the key reasons I lost was because after he probed my forehand a little bit, he went exclusively to my backhand. (He's a right hander, I am a left hander). And here was the problem. He only hit to my BH.

And I found myself in a situation where I could never set up my FH. Here are some things I tried.

1. Serve and volley to end the point quicker. It worked well, but I started getting punished on my second serve.

2. Hit BH down the line to his BH. The result? He would just hit it right back to me down the line. There were 10-15 shot rallies with both of us just going down the line on our BHs. Funny if I think about it.

I never tried hitting cross court with my BH (I prob should have) after a few DTL, but I did rush the net to volley and had mixed results.

So the question to all you pros is...

How can I set up my forehand against a right hander who keeps hitting to my BH? (I am lefty). What are some strategies I can employ to set up my FH winner?

I feel that even if my BH was good as my FH, the same thing would happen. I may win more points, but I wouldn't know how to set up my FH.

So at this point, I need strategic advice, not technical advice. Thanks!
I am a lefty, and I notice that you said you never tried hitting crosscourt with your BH. (with topspin). This would be a very good "tool" to have in your "tennis tool belt." It is not the easiest shot to learn...and I am still trying to hit it consistently. My biggest challenge is to keep my stance closed and follow through. (One-handed semi western grip). Even though I can only get a decent topspin winner 1 out of every 3 times, (the other 2 times my shot is loopy or doesn't have much spin); just knowing that you can hit that shot keeps your oponent from "camping out" on your BH. Hope you give it a try! Have fun!
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