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Originally Posted by lawrencejin View Post
Hey guys,

After reading some excellent reviews on natural gut / poly hybrids, I decided to break open my thin wallet and try it out. To avoid investing too much into it, I decided to go with a pre-packaged Klip X-Plosive 17 (Klip Legend & Klip K-Boom), strung on my Dunlop 4D 100 at 57/52lb.
Whoooaaa there, nelly. 57 mains and 52 crosses? Are you absolutely certain that you're getting no racquet frame warping with that setup? Next time you cut out your strings, measure (in CM) the length of the center of the main area, and then measure the length of the center of the crosses area (so that the cross of those two measurements mark the exact center of the hoop). that's your racquets natural dimensions.

Now, string your racquet as normal. measure the same areas. It shouldn't deviate much if properly strung. No more than a half CM in either direction... and if left overnight, it should equalize and return to its normal shape.

I really suspect that your string jobs, being deviated by 5 lbs difference on the crosses, is warping your frame.

but I digress... if your problem is "too much power", then don't look to the strings, look to the tension. Use the stringway tension adviser (, plug in your dimensions and string pattern. It will tell you what the difference should be between the mains and the crosses. It's usually different for each racquet. For instance on mine, it recommends the crosses to be 2 lbs greater than the mains (to maintain the hoop integrity). for others, it may recommend that the crosses be 5 or 6 lbs tighter than the mains.

take that figure and raise it depending on the tension you want. If they recommend 55/57, then note the 2 lbs difference and then string @ 60/62.

Bottom line is I suspect you need the tension to be higher than what it is now, but it should be raised in a manner that maintains the integrity of your hoop.
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