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Originally Posted by Top Jimmy View Post
Current 200 Tour user, interested and trying the 100. Looks like a modern PS85 to me.

The weight and HL balance has me very intrigued, less demanding then the 200 Tour.

For 89 bucks can't go wrong can I?
This past weekend I tried a radical experiment with one of my 200 Tours and liked the result so much applied it to both.

Last week I hit against a couple of guys who hit with high pace. The Tour certainly absorbs the punishment but a few times I felt late and got jammed.

So on Saturday I did something I've seen discussed on TT but hadn't tried. To reduce the SW of the Tour I trimmed the bumper guard of plastic beyond that which is under the string. I was shocked at how much weight it shaved: 4g static weight and about 12g SW according to the TWU customization calculator.

To put that in perspective, 4g of static weight is equal to a whopping 16" of 1/4" lead tape. Add that to any racquet and you're looking at a significant change in SW, power, and plow.

The new mod, "4D 200 Tour Lite", is still extremely stable but is also more maneuverable. I hit last night with it and it's like the love child of the 4D 200 and 4D 200 Tour that I and other TT members discussed in another thread: good plow, excellent stability, 95" head for good control, open pattern for easier spin. The lower power and lower SW also means more RHS for more spin. And the plow remains good enough that even on a 1HBH at full stretch, on the run, I still get the ball back over the net.
Only on Talk Tennis can you find people who believe
that 10 feet of lead tape has no effect on a frame...
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