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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
In the EXO3 16x19 you might find more control and lower power with a stiffer 16g gut main such as some Pacific products or BT7-based VS Touch.

As for durability, 16 might be marginally more durable but in a gut/poly hybrid the difference won't be so decisive that you should base your choice on durability over playability. I'd focus more on the feel than durability.

What gauge Outlast are you using? I've been curious about that as a cross for gut mains.
I'm not crazy about the BT VS which is why I switched to wilson. Which I'll always keep on one frame. But I like to have a subtle alternative as well as a cheaper alternative on the other frame. Pacific hasn't lasted any longer than Klip for me and it's more $ so I've ruled it out. That's why I was wondering if I might get more hours out of Klip 16 vs 17.

Outlast is the perfect cross for me because it's a smooth poly which is what you want to cross gut, and it is control oriented so it helps reign in the power of the gut. I also think it distinguishes itself from all other poly crosses I've used in that it feels the same at 20 hours as it does on day one. So for the life of the gut mains the stringbed feels the same.
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