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Dreamcastin: I've also considered going full gut at high tension, but what held me back was that though I hit flat ground strokes, I have heavy, spinny serves which break strings from time to time. I'm not a serious string breaker, but a moderate one, for the lack of a better description. And being a student I really couldn't cash out for full gut and take the risk haha.

Anubis: Thanks for the concern. I did a careful comparison with my spare racket (with 'normal' tensions), and my two frames appear identical. As TimO said, I'm hesitant to increase poly's tension as it could make my small frame feel boardy.

Update: After clocking in several more hours, its playing characteristics haven't changed much; it's still comfortable, spin-friendly, and marginally too powerful. Strings are fraying and notching everywhere, but no immediate signs of breakage.

I've started to adjust to this powerful set-up. Power and spin are really spoiling me with serves, but for some ground strokes and volleys I find myself shortening my swings to keep the ball in. Not sure if this is a good thing. My match performance seems about the same, as extra pop and spin on my serves are making up for the slightly lesser volleys and ground strokes. One thing for sure, though, is that natural gut in the hybrid makes it feel amazing and comfortable. Quite a novel experience.
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