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This is an internet forum, not a "debate club". The burden of proof falls on no one and people here are free to use whatever means they wish to argue their point. Yelling at them and calling their statements "idiotic" and "stupid" will only make you unpopular, no matter how "correct" you are.

Yes, people here use logical fallacies all of the time. But so what? This is the internet. Have you been to 4chan or Reddit lately? This shouldn't be news to you.

You can "fight the good fight" all you want, but it's "better manners" to simply disagree with someone and leave it be. Say your piece and move on, but don't call their statements (for all intents and purposes) "worthless" just because they haven't offered the precise amount of proof that you are looking for. That borders on an ad hominem attack, and you probably know better than that. We are all entitled to our opinions here.

Earlier, I gave my opinion on what the OP's vids contained. I thought they weren't 4.0's. Am I wrong? Perhaps. But it's a logical fallacy on your part to assume that merely the simpleness of my sentence is equal to the amount of thought that went into it. Did you ever stop to consider that I actually used a bit of "critical thinking" to come up with my statement? Is it fair to assume that I used no logic at all? I don't think you can deduce that much simply by my statement alone. I think you need more evidence than that.

Thank you for your time.
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