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If you mean "swing like a gate" from 3 to 9-hip high flat with a wrist roll finish- FH and reverse for back hand, No. Sir Rodney used that and older German National Team Coaches taught that to punish topspin artists returns,,if you mean flatter with top spin,,yeah it appears so from both sides. I seen his latest match with tsonga, his eyes were intense on watching the t-ball.

If you know anything about flat swings then you know the King of Burma hired the then German National Coach-circa late 1960's and early 70's to coach Burma national tennis team(then a record amount of money to a coach)-they were the only ones to beat the powerful austrialian team-everyone of them swang flat---the idea behind swinging flat is that the tennis ball hit flat comes in so fast the topspin player cannot set up in time to make the hit properly, I seen him(german national coach) play a top rated topspin player-he nearly golden setted him for two matches- 2 sets a piece. the topspin player came in to the match with an high ideals-he left the match understanding he just got a lesson from a national master tennis player-coach.

In case you dont know what a national team is, its open players on up playing in a league that travels the world and plays other national teams, few pro's have had the privilege to play on this team of professionals.

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