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I talked to Jason about the racquet, he likes a heavier frame than I do and he said he had a little bit of a problem with the plow-through also. He actually leaded the racquet up quite a bit to add more mass -- on the grip to add more weight in general, and on the head to give it more of that plow-through he was looking for. I know it's difficult playing with a demo, or with someone else's stick because you don't get to fiddle around with the strings or specs as easily as you would like.

I would also definitely recommend hitting with something other than a poly, particularly if lack of depth was something you struggled with. A livelier multifilament is going to give you more pop and easier power, versus a dead poly where you really have to smack it to get the depth and power that you want out of it.

Another thing to potentially think about it another Volkl racquet like the Organix 8 (315g). I haven't actually hit with this, but in my lengthy and informative conversation with J, he said that it has the same comfort as the V1 just more mass like we were talking about earlier.

Siobhan, TW
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