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Hello there Ross....

Some good suggestions in this thread for the comfy tweener...

I'll throw mine out there... the Dunlop Bio500t. The head runs long from 12o'clock to 6, more oval. Comfortable frame, nice pop on serve and the back side (which I know is a personal must).

As for the warrior100, it's a nice frame for sure. Comfy, wide open and easy access to spin BUT as with all Prince frames, it just feels as if there is no substance to it, despite the weight or mods. The ball feel attributes to this big time.

The Vcore100s is a nice frame for sure. So solid feeling and great, correction, spectacular from the back-hand side (as with all Yonex frames and above, the real estate is generous). But it is stiff, first time in my life I've experienced elbow pain was with this frame. If you tend to never hit the top portion of the string-bed on serve and forehand, it could be a winner. So responsive and crisp, maybe too much so, balls were flying off the face a little too hot for me, but a nice racquet.

I actually want to take the Form100 out for a test drive after reading this thread, good reviews and comments.
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