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Originally Posted by jk175d View Post
I've only called a foot fault in a leauge match once. It was a doubles match, we were down but I felt like we should have be able to handle these guys so I was irritated. One of the opponants was a pretty flagarant foot faulter (as are nearly 50% of players you see in usta leagues it seems). So during a changeover after one of his service games I said something like "by the way you may not know but you pretty much foot fault on every serve". He seemed in disbelief and looked at his partner who said "yeah actually you do". His next service game he of course foot faulted so I called it. After that I guess it got in his head, we broke him and it turned the match around and we won.

So there you go. positve impact from calling a foot faulter.
I'd be willing to entertain the idea that "50% of USTA league players foot fault" but probably less than 5% of the people ive seen actually step over the line. If you're not stepping over the line and into the court by at least a foot you're not getting any real advantage. It's not the same thing as reaching over the net by a foot, calling balls that are a foot in as out, or even playing a double bounce that has taken a foot off its second bounce.

Sounds to me like you gained a bigger advantage by gamesmanship than he gained by foot faulting. That's just lame to me.

You are totally in your right to call those foot faults. That just seems like a lame tactic, especially if the person isnt serving huge. To me, its like calling a times keeper over just because someone is taking longer than 15 seconds to begin their service motion. Sure, its a rule and you're within your rights. It just seems "desperate".
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