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By the reel from tenniswarehouse!

At 1$ a grip its pretty cheap. Look at it this way... if you golf, you can go through $5 worth of balls in a round easy, even if you lose none of them because the good balls get cut up really easy.

If you have 2 rackets and regrip them every time you play and open a new can of balls too, its still only $5 a day for tennis.

$5 a day for tennis seems like a steal when golf is $50+ and takes up your whole day.

I buy 3 reels of tournagrip at a time and I change them once every 10-15 sets which is about once a week for me.

By "3 reels" I mean "9 reels". They have the 3 pack, and I buy 3 of those 3 packs.
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