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Originally Posted by guitarplayer View Post
Insiders at Apple, will admit the 4 was a horrible phone. My wife and daughter had a miserable 2 years with theirs. The 5 is light years better. Problem now, is our new plan which we only have 4gb per month of Internet data. I'm using wifi wherever I can. The wife and daughter.......I might have to start the beatings again!!!
The iPhone 4 was a stunning looking phone when it came out, and had some features that hadn't been widely deployed on smartphones yet (retina display, front facing camera), but as a cell phone, they seemed awful. When it came out on Verizon it got better, apparently, and the 4S was an improvement as well.

The 5 is my first iPhone, and on Verizon I've been very impressed with the "phone" component. I don't know if it's the extra noise cancelling work they did or what, but calls are clear, loud and static free on both ends. Much better reception than my older phones on TMo.
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