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Originally Posted by TimothyO View Post
Came in around 7 HL after mod and that's with a lighter replacement grip and OG. Original grip might push this to 8 HL.

I used a box cutter starting under the end of the guard using the frame as a guide. I did the first one while strung which I do NOT recommend. I avoided nicking the strings but when I did the second frame I did it sans strings and it was much neater. Next time I have this restrung I'll use a Dremel to further neaten the cut edge.

Be careful! I locked the frame using my legs and cut away from myself (legs, hands, etc.) My sons and I build models so we have lots of experience shaving and cutting plastic this way. It was almost like pealing an apple since I used some fingers on the hand with the tool to grip the frame. This made for stable, safe cutting.

Obviously the frame is now unprotected by any plastic but for me the tradeoff was well worth it. With the lower power I can now also soften with string bed. The 4G is nice but definitely stiffer than some of my other favorites. I'm going to try 4G 16L and some of my favorite MSV products in this new, lighter 200 Tour.

As for restring post pod, didn't have any trouble there. Got one back yesterday and it was perfectly fine.
If you have the time and means, could you take a picture?
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