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Originally Posted by abmk View Post
no, not at all Kodes was the luckiest player ever and had 3 of the weakest draws possible to win his slams ...

Most ( well all people - Kodestards) know federer is a superior claycourter to Kodes by some distance

he won one slam ( the amateur one doesn't count ) and didn't dominate as much as federer did over a 4 year stretch ( 2004-2007 )

what they'd laugh at is your dumb suggestion that this era is weak ....... and most of your other posts here ...

Kodes being on the same level as Vines
federer being in the 3rd tier of greats

etc etc ...
If 62 not counting them 67 does, you cannot dispise bot
Laver dominated 5 or 6 yrs in a row from 64 to 70 although I would say in 70 it is too close and that surpasses Federer who dominated 2003-2007
I feel so bad for Fed being so unrespectfully owned by Nadal that I rise him to second tier, don' t ask me for more generousity
About Kodes, do you know how Napoleon chose his generals?
"Read my lips.No more taxes" RR in 1980
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