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Great thread.. i 'popped ' my left calf 10 days ago. need to digest and learn from you guys as i havent been very good at doing the right thing since then.
Used ice and cold showers for a while and steam baths with ice cold shower after , feels good.

I just popped mine late last week. Went to see an orthopaedic surgeon and here is what my diagnosis and protocol is:

Partial tear of the calf muscle, apparently some people tear the Soleus which gives more pain towards the achilles, but mine is the inside calf muscle. I need to be in a boot/aircast for 2-3 weeks and wear a heel lift. My doc really stressed the importance of not stretching the calf during this time, and to keep if immobile so it heals properly. The nice thing is that with the boot on I am able to continue working out at the gym since it is keeping the calf from engaging.

Once the boot comes off I will begin physical therapy to help recondition the muscle and work out the scar tissue. The goal is to be back on the court competitively in 6-8 weeks. I imagine I will be on the court before then but only for light hitting and to test it out with some light running drills.

I am definitely going to be conservative in terms of not rushing back. I have a friend that tried coming back too early and reinjured it. He also did not go through PT and even though he is back on the courts now, he still has tightness in his calf and is very tentative. I am guessing that is a result of not letting it heal properly and not utilizing PT to help with the scar tissue and reconditioning of the muscle, but I don't know for sure.
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