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Originally Posted by I Heart Thomas Muster View Post
I've been noticing that when I tension the first string of the racquet that even though the lock out lever pops out, I can pull the crank further or it will go back towards the racquet but when I pull the string a second time the crank stops properly. This also happens on the first cross.

Last racquet I strung it would happen on every string I tensioned and then lockout properly the second time I would tension the string. It seems the lever is popping out further on the second pull.

The machine is still under warranty and the guys at tennismachines are great but the idea of being without my machine for a couple of weeks is bumming me out.

Anyone have a similar experience?
Sounds like you need to adjust the brake.

If you have the manual, you can find instructions on how to adjust the brake.
Very simple.
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