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Originally Posted by NTRPolice View Post
I'd be willing to entertain the idea that "50% of USTA league players foot fault" but probably less than 5% of the people ive seen actually step over the line. If you're not stepping over the line and into the court by at least a foot you're not getting any real advantage. It's not the same thing as reaching over the net by a foot, calling balls that are a foot in as out, or even playing a double bounce that has taken a foot off its second bounce.

Sounds to me like you gained a bigger advantage by gamesmanship than he gained by foot faulting. That's just lame to me.
so I assume you only call net serves where the path of the ball is dramatically effected and not those where it just grazes the top of the tape? When you play tennis you decide for yourself which established rules are important enough to be enforced and which aren't? That's just lame to me.

I've played hundreds of league matches and only ever called one foot fault on a guy AFTER alerting him to it harmlessly in a changeover. The effect may have been the same as gamesmanship in that it went to his head and. But that's his own fault not anyone else's for not learning how to serve the right way.
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