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Originally Posted by TennisCJC View Post
You could try a less powerful main. I use gut/poly, syn gut/poly, and multi/poly for about the last 4-5 months and like all 3. The gut/poly is the most powerful, multi/poly next, and the least powerful is syn gut/poly.

Also, you could try 15L gauge gut with a 16g poly cross for less power but I would only do this if your racket is an open string pattern. I would not try going up in tension on the poly more than a lb or 2. Personally, I don't do poly over 52 lbs on a true constant pull machine. Also, I would not go over a 5 lbs difference between your main and poly tension - you are using 57/52 which is my suggested max 5 lb difference.

For me, the gut/poly plays well for about 15+ hours and then poly is kind of too dead and gut is fraying badly.

The syn gut/poly plays well for about 8+ hours and then the syn gut will snap or seems flat.

But, for the $, I like the syn gut/poly. It is crisp, spinny, gives more pop than poly mains, and the syn gut breaks about the time the poly goes dead. I string myself and can afford to play a new set of strings about every 7-14 days with this setup. A new string bed always feels good.

If $ is of no concern, then gut/poly wins.
Excellent analysis. That's why I call it gut/poly hell. It feels so great but can be expensive.
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