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Originally Posted by tom4ny View Post
Great review from these skilled play testers! I am curious as to how this frame compares to the current Bio 300T in overall power level and is it as fast through the air? Play testers noted that it plays crisper than the current version and that it was more stable in stock form which would seem to come from the new frame design and updated materials but this new model also looks to have a slightly higher static weight? Thanks!!
If you are a Bio 300T player, you will definitely like this new one. The new frame shape makes the racquet feel faster and certainly more "modern" as my rep said. The feel is still very Dunlop, and the plow is much better on this version vs. previous. The old ones just had such low swingweights. All in all, this new direction seems like a massive improvement to me. The old ones were just a bit dated and lacked punch. These seem to solve that problem, but the feel is still very good. It's not just a "let's make them stiffer" mentality, so the plush feel is there, but so is the extra pop. FWIW, I actually liked the M3.0 better, but I digress...
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