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Originally Posted by Carsomyr View Post
He already said something to this affect about Nadal after their Miami encounter.

Sour grapes then, sour grapes now. This is becoming a disturbing pattern for Tsonga. The Top 4 don't win their matches against other players in the upper echelon on the basis of a few line calls. If Tsonga has a problem with this, there's only one solution: get better.
Yeah. Seeing the video it's clear it wasn't returnable. He got as much of the ball as he could have gotten and the call was when he was hitting the ball.... this along with what he said after his match against Rafa in Miami - where an obviously injured Nadal still beat him - show how much this is just sour grapes... a little pathetic actually.

Originally Posted by SStrikerR View Post
There have been studies that have proven that the so called "home team advantage" when it comes to refs is actually true. If you don't think that the big four get favorable calls, you're either a fool or in denial.
Those studies would prove nothing in this case. The element there would the pressure from the public on the referee.
I can remember a very similar call against Nadal, only that in that case it wasn't an unreturnable ball, so he had a much better case. Still, the call went against him.
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