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Originally Posted by jk175d View Post
so I assume you only call net serves where the path of the ball is dramatically effected and not those where it just grazes the top of the tape? When you play tennis you decide for yourself which established rules are important enough to be enforced and which aren't? That's just lame to me.

I've played hundreds of league matches and only ever called one foot fault on a guy AFTER alerting him to it harmlessly in a changeover. The effect may have been the same as gamesmanship in that it went to his head and. But that's his own fault not anyone else's for not learning how to serve the right way.
Yes, in the grand scheme of things.

Remember, this is rec tennis. Unless that person is intentionally foot faulting and/or gaining a huge advantage by being 1 ft. in or more inside the baseline and serving 100 mph there is no reason why you should play lawyer.

Unless this is a playoff or an officiated match there is no reason to be a hardass over the rules, especially one that doesnt offer any significant advantage in the bigger picture of things.

I mean, if im playing a really old lady and she takes 20 seconds between points to begin her serve motion, should I file a grievance? Of course not. I am within my right to, but I wouldnt.

Look, it comes down to this:

If you wouldnt call it when you're winning, you shouldnt call it when you're losing. I have never seen someone call foot faults on their opponents unless they were losing. You even admit that it must have gotten into his head and you turned the game around from that point on.

If this guy is foot faulting and opening angles for his 100 mph serve, fine.
If this guy is blatantly disregarding the rules, which shows in other areas of his game, fine.

Chances are this guy was probably serving 50 mph with no spin and not being more than a foot into the court while being completely oblivious to what he was doing.
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