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Originally Posted by my76 View Post
Here is more praise for the V1 classic, there is absolutely no vibration felt with this racket, you get all the benefits of a stiff racket with the highest level of comfort. This is because of the handle technology. It does everything well and when I first hit with it I couldn't believe how solid it felt, it requires no customization because it is more solid feeling than any 12+ ounce racket I've used, including : Pro staff ROK, Prestige Mid, K6.1 90, PB 10 mid, and PSL to mention a few of the rackets I've owned.
Every once in a while I pick up one of my flexible rackets and hit a few balls with it but quickly put it down because the recoil and vibration transferred to my arm causes pain. Then, after I hit a few balls with the V1, I grin with slight disbelief at how a racket can feel so amazing. Put this one on your demo list for sure.
It would appear that the OP is ignoring the high praise of the V1 Classic even tho' several of us have mentioned it. Could it be that he can't get past the high RA spec and can't believe that it might be one of the most arm-friendliest racquets on the planet?
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