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Default how do you play vs carlos moya types?

k so i have been playing this guy for a couple years now. and i always have been better than him but now i lose to often.

this is his game.

he only serves 80-90 mph serves maybe, very occasionally he will hit a bigger 1.

he has a very big 4 hand. he is especially good at putting away short shots. his backhand hand is by far his weaker shot he slices almost every backhand. when he comes over it as say a passing shot its just for power and usually has poor direction.

from the back of the court he prefer going cross court with his forehand. he runs around as many backhands as possible, to hit the inside out forehand.

his net game is not good. he hits pretty soft volleys in general and blows way to many put away volleys. however because his approach shots are really good forcing him to play the net isn't really a great strategy.

k so now i will go over what seems to work. well this is how i am trying to play with him.

1) i have always had trouble with my serving strategy in general. i can serve 110-115 and i can hit different spots. i serve better in the deuce box because i got a good wide serve to go along with faster serves up the middle.

however i have never had a consistent 2nd serve. a lot of times i will just go 2 1st serve but not go for the line as much and maybe put a little more spin on it. but i lot of times i will just lob a 2nd serve in. so to review although i have one of the best serves for my level i double fault to much + hit to many lob 2nd serves.

anyway my new strategy vs him is i try to hit everything deep. say if he was pushing me around i valued getting the ball back and didn't care that much if my ball landed really short. however he has gotten so good at putting away short balls if i hit a short ball its as good as a miss anyway so i think i should go for more and really just try to never hit it short.
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