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Originally Posted by sansaephanh View Post
Glad to hear it as well. Since the tour came out its been all the rave for comfort, power, and spin. I personally found it being toyish. I would have needed an oz of lead, but thinking that I could add an oz and still have it with in preferred specs is realllllyyy intriguing, but I've never been meticulous or math savvy enough to really get into it to the point of measuring every factor.

in my RDiS 200 I have 5g spread apart 3, 9, and 12 with 4g in the handle.

Are you thinking about adding lead to it? I'd love to see what that stick can do around the 12oz 7pts hl range. Oh right an get a video up of you hitting! lol. I wanna see your multi popping prowess.

Mike, what was your favorite string when it came to low powered, feel oriented multi? I don't believe string breakage is a problem for me.

I'm looking for something with a nice crisp feel that too.. I think a crisper string would compliment my racket well. I've been looking at midranged synthetics and they don't make my man parts tingle.

Right now, I'm not thinking of adding any lead to it. I'll probably add some head tape though. I have not been popping multis much with the Discho Microfibre. That is my favorite multi at the moment.
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