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Originally Posted by KenC View Post
Makes perfect sense to me. No one doubts the benefits of topspin here. I personally love the stuff as it keeps my balls in.

It doesn't change the fact that I see players whose whole overall strategy seems to be to kill their opponent with topspin. Use the full western grip and put all the effort into generating max spin even if that means not hitting with great pace. It's as if they are saying "I'm going to beat you with topspin. You are not going to be able to handle my topspin."

So let me just make a crucial point here. No one at the middle competitive levels (4.0 to 5.5) hits a ball like Nadal or Federer with both great pace and great spin. Some can hit with great pace, others with great topspin, but both?
So we all agree, TS as a one dimensional strategy is not good, and worse if it is
to the detriment of other important aspects of your stroke.
I'm thinking since everyone has agreed to this quite easily and their is really no
debate... it is likely not that prevalent.

To your other point that no one is hitting like Fed and Nadal...maybe some
truth to that, but they are not playing against Fed and Nadal either, which is
likely far more relevant. Hitting a shot with a combo of spin and pace
is actually easier to do at a level that will hurt the opponent at the rec level, not
harder, because the pro level defense is so much better.
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