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Pardon me for being blunt, but this is anonymous forum so let's be real here. OP, stop kidding yourself that you have 'one of the best serves for your level' when you can't get second serve in the box without fluffing it. A lot of guys at my club can hit a 100 mph ball but these guys have no command over it and opponents have no fear of it because they know that even in one game they'll get a lot of looks at fluffy second serves and free points off DF's to more than make up for aces/service winners. You're on the right track about taking some pace off and adding some spin, but let's do that on the first serve and get more of those in.

As for how to play him from the baseline, well, generally you want to hit a lot of balls to that backhand when in neutral/rally situations and do not to let him set up behind a forehand (i.e. make him have to hit forehands on the run, open up that side first).
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