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Originally Posted by NadalDramaQueen View Post
What about the excuse part?

I was just laying it out for you in general though. Your opinion of his hard court competition has nothing to do with reality, of course. Unless you mean it in the sense that we have discussed before, which boils down to the fact that Federer can't play himself.

We can just as easily say that all the good hard courters started to decline and were replaced with grinders, or that hard courts were slowed down enough to allow Nadal to grind his way to victory. Either way, records speak for themselves in the absence of extraordinary circumstances.
What excuse?.

No, Fed can't play himself and Rafa can't play himself, yet Rafa has played Fed and Djokovic for most of his slams, and Fed didn't. It's a plain fact that yes, has been discussed a lot already here. There's a whole thread about it still going on.
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