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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
You really are on the right track with this and I agree with your intended point.
I just think you underlying premise is flawed with what I underlined above.
There is NO reason to believe "heavy Topspin" just means loop the heck out of the
ball. Very good players can hit some very major TS without this big loop you
seem to assume. Maybe without the loopy effect, you don't recognize it.
I see this from several other on here as well, but if you look at what JY shared
from BG's shows how some pretty mighty TS can be hit without going
so much below the ball before contact, so the player can really drive the heavy

IS this TS as heavy as your loopy version? Most of can't say cause there is
little way to measure on a rec basis, but I'd say it lends it'self to a heavier
ball and overall effect, with the TS being extremely effective in keeping it in
play. I expect that many using this version of a hard/heavy TS can get more
spin than many you see hitting the loopy version.
Make sense?
For those who wonder why this is being discussed...well it is a subtle, but
important concept to grasp in moving up a level, so I'd say pretty important.

This is probably the best thing I've gotten from JY and in years! Excellent
stuff imo and way better than the flip aspect that was more highlighted in the
work, but also related to that flip to an extent. Yes, I knew how to do this by
feel, but seeing it and understanding it better helped me to teach it and use it
better for my players.
Hey 5263, could you post a pointer to where JY has shared BG's work? It sounds really interesting. Thanks!

Edit: Forgot to say, you don't have to if it was a private communication, of course!
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