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Originally Posted by Torres View Post
Slightly off topic but was reading of review of the Samsung Note 2 (looks like a great device if you can live with its size) and saw the following mentioned, which I thought was nice feature!

"Arrange your music by moods
The music player of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 features a fun little extra called Music square. This scans through your music library, arranging the tracks by mood - passionate, calm, exciting, joyful or a little in-between. Tap a block in the 5x5 square grid and you'll be greeted with a tune to match your mood."
My Dad has the original Note, i've always enjoyed using it. The big screen, messing about with the pen, it's great to text on too.

The added features of the new one look incredible though, i'm sure he'll be trying to get a mid contract upgrade it's on a business plan so it's worth an ask I suppose.
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