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Originally Posted by Wuppy View Post
Tennis is a "game of angles," and greater height allows more angles. This, coming from a guy who's 5'8"

If Ferrer were Federer's height, he'd probably be #1 or 2. If Isner were Federer's height he wouldn't be Top 500.
Originally Posted by Wuppy View Post

I don't understand the joke I guess. His serve is literally the only thing Isner has. And his serve is only good because of his height. He can't break Top-40 pros' serves, but they can't break his serve, so a huge percentage of Isner sets go to tiebreakers, which he often manages to eke out by 2 points.

Look at his match with Anderson yesterday. EVERY set went to a tiebreaker. It's ridiculous.

What happened at Wimbledon a couple of years ago.. a set going to 60 points or whatever it was.. will never happen again because nobody has such a disparity between his serve and playing ability.

Isner is a Futures player with a (nearly) GOAT serve. That's about it. If anybody can't see how height plays a role in that, I don't know what to tell them.
If Isner was Federer's height, he probably wouldn't have his godawful movement and his terrible baseline game.

Saying "If he was Federer's height, he wouldn't even be top 500" is silly, becaus even though his serve would decline, he wouldn't have the weaknesses he has now either. You basically think that a shorter Isner would suffer from losing his advantages, but ignore that he would also lose his disadvantages.
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