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Originally Posted by bhupaes View Post
Hey 5263, could you post a pointer to where JY has shared BG's work? It sounds really interesting. Thanks!

Edit: Forgot to say, you don't have to if it was a private communication, of course!
It was on here, and maybe in one of the posts that got deleted unfortunately.
He gave a link that showed for a time how there was a racket flip right around
the forward part of the swing after the tk back that gave a pre-stretch (someone
pls provide the acronym- ssc??)
It also talked of not getting far below the ball prior to contact and slightly closing
the racket face for a hard driving TS.
Things you are likely doing instinctively, but helps to be more least in
my case
I'll look around, but expect the link to the work is now dead or closed regarding
the fee look.
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