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Originally Posted by UKTennis View Post
Extremely bitter. Very much how the football managers here in the UK moan about decisions going for the 'big teams.' It's a meek excuse.
No it's not. It's actually common sense that there is more pressure on the umpires when it comes to important players. Why do you think Rafa almost never gets called out for his time violations, while a guy like Cilic gets downright ROBBED of a set because of it? (got a time violation as he was about to serve a second serve against Federer on breakpoint, DFs and Federer serves the set out next game)

It's hilarious how predictable some of the posters here are. I think you are projecting your own pettiness on Tsonga. If Tsonga is so bitter, how come he didn't whine after he lost to Djokovic in Rome, FO and Olympics? It's almost like, he is saying these things because he genuinely has a reason to believe this.

Meanwhile, here you are, being the brave soul that you are and defend the guy who has achieved more in his career, because that is what courageous posters do.
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