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All my posts today were made with the iphone..i web browsed and texted heavily on it today and im still at 71%. Thats really impressive to me. The droid lte was usually between 52-58%, which is not bad at all either but i didnt use it as much as i used the iphone today.

70 makes me wonder if i need to even charge it tonight. Most people say that you can charge a lithium battery every night with no problem, but i was wondering what other i5ers are doing and if its better to run 2 days on it.

I hate the snarky ad where apple talks about your thumb and the screen, but as a former 2 handed cell phoner, the message is definitely on point. I am one handed posting/texting/browsing now which is wild. I think many of us revert back to blackberry mode with most smartphones, but 1 handed use is sweet.

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