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Originally Posted by Shangri La View Post
This is nothing new in the sports world. Tsonga needs to stop whining.
If you actually read his comments, you would realize that he never whined in the first place. "I got used to this" is an expression of apathy.

Originally Posted by Djokodal Fan View Post
I saw it live. The serve was definitely not returnable from his back hand. I think By the time he touched the ball, the wrong call also came at almost the same time.

Well to blame this on top 4 is totally uncalled for. Get better Tsonga if you want to beat them.
Not cry on a line call which you would have not returned anyway.

I have seen even Nadal on the receiving end of such calls, so it happens to every one.
Yes because clearly Tsonga implied that given fair umpiring, he would crush all 4 of them and that ONLY bad calls are to blame for his losses.
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