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Originally Posted by hoodjem View Post
According to some, all it takes is a career slam.

And Nadal has on of those.
Surface homogenization. He didn't win it by playing serve and volley. Federer did.

Originally Posted by Crisstti View Post
It wasn't the point being discussed. It was what he had on his favour in goat discussions, and him having beaten tougher competition on slam finals is something he's got on his favour.
He faced Federer throughout his career a guy whom he didn't even need to match most of the time to beat him. Considering Federer tough competition is only accurate if you take him by name value. The actual performance he was forced to come up with were typically less impressive than most of the performances Federer had to come up with.

The reason why Djokovic crushed him so often in 2011 is because pummeling a guys backhand doesn't work if he hits it with 2 hands and has any real quality.

Originally Posted by zagor View Post
There are/were also a whole bunch of threads about Nadal serving a silent ban after Wimbledon this year, about him getting cakewalk draws, about him being the biggest cheater in tennis etc. People discussing a specific topic here hardly counts that much to be honest.
What is so wrong about Nadal serving a silent ban? You are aware that this isn't all that unlikely, given the regulations of the ATP, right? If you have a positive test, you are barred from playing, but your positive test will not be published. Only if the case is closed (CAS rules against the player, B sample is also positive etc) the case is published. If the athlete gets a therapeutical use excemption retroactively for example, he can get acquitted and thus, the original positive test will never be published.

This way, the player has served a "silent ban". The fact that you consider this some sort of impossibility or a joke, shows how clueless you seem to be.
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