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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
What is so wrong about Nadal serving a silent ban? You are aware that this isn't all that unlikely, given the regulations of the ATP, right? If you have a positive test, you are barred from playing, but your positive test will not be published. Only if the case is closed (CAS rules against the player, B sample is also positive etc) the case is published. If the athlete gets a therapeutical use excemption retroactively for example, he can get acquitted and thus, the original positive test will never be published.
Never said it was right or wrong, impossibility or a joke, I personally don't think Nadal is serving a silent ban but I'm not dismissing any possibility (including that not just Nadal but other top players/stars are doping as well, yes even Fed with his "smooth" game).

I merely used those examples I know she (Chrissti) disagrees with to illustrate a point.

Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
This way, the player has served a "silent ban". The fact that you consider this some sort of impossibility or a joke, shows how clueless you seem to be.
Your reading comprehension skills are sorely lacking.
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