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Originally Posted by dangalak View Post
Davydenko himself admitted that he wasn't strong enough to win a slam.

His serve having pop? Please, he goes for 70% FS in most of the time, because he knows he can't hurt his opponent with his serve anyway, so why give them a second serve to punish.
Now you're just being really, really nitpicky. Yes, Davydenko can put pace on the serve. In his match versus Murray at Wimby (yes, where he got massacred), he was averaging 119 MPH on the first serve and 96 on the second serve. His first serve speeds are usually around 115-118, similar to Federers. There's more to a serve than pace. I'm saying it's not necessarily Davydenkos height that prevents him from being an elite player. He doesn't patsy the ball back, or hit with little power. He has other limitations (mainly mental) that hold him back.

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