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I was playing in a college doubles tournament and since it was an early round there no umpires on court. We were on the farthest court from the tournament desk and one of our opponents was a foot faulter. My partner said to him 'you foot fault everytime, I don't want to walk all the way to the TD to get an umpire so stop.' The guy continued to foot fault so the next time it was my partner's turn to serve he took the ball and walked all the way up the net and slammed the ball into the service box and said '15-love'. Our opponents asked 'what was that?' My partner said 'well if you're going to foot fault so am I'. On the next point my partner got the balls and started walking toward the net--our opponents said 'OK, OK, we get it, we'll stop'. The next time the foot faulter served he stood well off the baseline and foot faults were no longer an issue--worked like a charm. Foot faulting is cheating no matter how slight--just like calling a ball that barely catches the line out.
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