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Originally Posted by Djoker91 View Post
So I've heard this a few times from some great tennis minds, even some on this forum. That when you want to hit that winner, high speed, still topspin, low trajectory winner, to make your grip more western and have the racket face closed a little bit more on contact. It will be a fast forehand, but stay in because of it already being low and the topspin. It looks to me like Djokovic does this. Does anybody intentionally tilt the racket head slightly closed at the point of contact when ripping into a forehand winner? Or not fundament in your opinion?
For me, most often, like when the ball isn't well above the net that there's not a clear straight line to opponent's court, tilting racketface down is a must if you hit with enough force and up motion. Otherwise the ball will sail long.

After a while all becomes a familiar feel and you still come out and rally to reinforce that feeling.
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