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Originally Posted by Hankenstein View Post
To my surprise i see virtually no talk about the relatively new Adizero Feather II!? Why? I bought the Feather II and to my surprise its a extremely good shoe!

All the things i disliked about the Adizero Feather I is changed on Feather II and its a really really good shoe. Extremely fast! Very solid! Good cushioning! Interesting sole!

For me, a big swedish guy at 6,5 and 225 lbs, i need good solid shoes and this shoe is a perfect match for me.

What is your thoughts on the Feather II?
Hey Hank, I'm almost as big as you and probably much older. The speed or ergonnomics of the various Feathers has been up and down over the years. This one is the best and the lightest. No complaints other than the price. How's that, big fella?
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